Vigor Coach's Corner: Part 1

September 23, 2014

Many people have reached out to us to start shooting videos of coaching cues and tips to enhance training. We have been receiving messages, emails and notifications from all over the world; so we decided to start the Vigor Coach’s corner.For us coaching is a lot more than just exercises and cues.It’s about improving habits, perspective, attitude, and much more.With that said, we’ve decided to have the Coach’s Corner cover training, mindset, nutrition, habits, and everything in between that enhances your life.People always say I’m passionate about fitness yet I realize I’m passionate about human potential!

This week’s videos cover:

  • The exercises you pick do not guarantee you success and staying injury free. What matters when it comes to picking exercises and why “how” you do it may be more important than “what" you do
  • How important coaching cues and techniques can be in keeping you injury free but just as importantly, how they can enhance fat loss results and performance. Imagine doing the same exercise you have been but getting 20-30% more out of it. How does that sound?
  • In this weeks episode we break down the deadlift and give some coaching cues you can use today to improve form and reduce chance of injury, improve performance and get you more out of the exercise in terms of muscle building or fat loss
  • The one principal that we use in training to enhance the effect of the training session, which also carries over into every other area of life. It is a skill-set like anything else so we must practice it and as coaches we have an opportunity to help clients ingrain this into their DNA, which then helps them be more present with their family, in their relationships, at work, and with themselves.

Check out the Coach’s Corner videos:

As with anything in life, knowledge is not useful if it is not applied (it’s only “potential”). Use it and you can really change your training and the quality of your life.If you’re looking to get help with your training and want to break through obstacles in life, face fears, and achieve anything you ever wanted, you have an opportunity to apply for a strategy session with our coaches to find a plan that can get you from point A to point B (no strings attached).

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