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The best about it is that you can get results in advance and try us out with our intro 30-day program where you get to experience the different coaching programs we offer. If for any reason you’re not over-the-top satisfied by your experience at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance within your first 30 days, just let us know. We’ll give you your money back, no questions asked (apart from how we can improve and become better). Seriously.

Our number one commitment is to your success. We’re not satisfied until you’re loving your experience and results. In fact, if we’re not the right fit, we’ll even help you find somewhere that is. Why would we do that? Because we have nothing but love for you and want the best for you.

Team Training Memberships

Have you ever been to a crappy group fitness class? Where it’s kind of a clusterf*ck, the trainer doesn’t know your name or goals, and there’s no actual coaching (that’s why Vigor Ground doesn’t have trainers, we have coaches) or structured plan based on science and real world results? That’s like the opposite of a Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance Team Training session.

Our group sessions are designed for maximum fat loss and general conditioning while building lean muscle and keeping your joints healthy and pain free. We’ll take you through an intro orientation where we’ll help you find the appropriate challenge level to get the best results while staying injury free. We believe that anyone can make you tired, but not everyone can make you better. In other words, we don’t break you down, we build you up and get you results!

We have even added mobility-only sessions for building resilient joints, helping eliminate nagging pains, keeping you pain free, and helping you recover faster. We listen to our clients and what they want and need and it Plus, we’re obsessed with making new friends. You’ll never be a stranger at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance. You’ll get personalized coaching, guidance and support by a team that’s committed to your success. And with Memberships as low as only under $50/week, you won’t find a better value anywhere in Seattle.

Small Group Personal Training

Our small group personal training was created so that our clients could have an affordable solution to building strength, lean muscle and performance. While the Team Training sessions focus on fat loss and conditioning, in the small group PT sessions we focus on lifting weights, building strength and improving performance. The groups have between 6-14 people with coaches making structured and adaptable monthly programs (we adjust to the individual) as well as over-seeing every part of the training so it’s safe, effective, fun and challenging and you’ll never get bored – while building strength, muscle, and confidence week in and week out.

To create the best possible body transformation that is sustainable, we’ve found that a combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning (as well as nutrition and lifestyle changes that we coach and keep clients accountable to) is the fastest way to create results, which is why we have built a model that does just that by combining different sessions throughout the week.

In our small group personal training programs we also have specific programs such as:


An all women’s small group PT dedicated to building strength and confidence, while being surrounded by a community of empowering and supportive women, that will help keep you accountable in the areas of fitness, nutrition, mindset and recovery. This group has two sessions a week and an accountability and coaching group to help you get the results you want, the strength you desire, and the confidence you deserve. You gain access to it as part of the small group personal training membership.

Strength Camp

An all men’s small group PT where guys come to get back to being stronger, leaner, build resilience and athleticism that they’ve lost so they can do more in all areas of life, and get the coaching, team camaraderie, support, and challenge to upgrade their lives. Strength camp helps guys build the show (how they look) and the go (how they feel and perform). Strength camp meets twice a week and you get access to the group as part of the small group personal training membership.

Semi-Private Personal Training

This is our most individualized, all inclusive coaching membership, it’s our version of one-on-one personal training and something the Vigor Ground gym was the first to implement in Washington State almost 14 years ago. Why this approach? Traditional personal training costs upwards of $100+ per hour in Seattle. It also requires you to be locked into one trainer and has much less flexibility. At Vigor Ground we believe, that elite training shouldn’t just be for the uber rich. Our semi-private approach allows for the same personalized workouts and coaching, tailored to your goals and lifestyle, but for half the cost, with a lot more flexibility.

Your training sessions will be with a small group (up to) 3 other clients. This intimate size allows you to get the same personalized coaching as you would in a traditional one-on-one setting, along with the chance to meet new people on the same journey as you, and have connection support from a team besides the coaches. Not to mention, with semi-private personal training you also get individualized nutrition coaching included (all of our coaches are Precision Nutrition certified and built in accountability with your coach and our software. And since it cheaper (semi-private is as low as $49/session), you can work out more often and get faster results.

An added bonus to our semi-private personal training is that you get a completely customized program for when you are with a coach as well as what to do when you’re not with a coach, not to mention our Vigor Ground accountability software that will help you stick to your plan and habits and have access to our coaches at your finger tips. This membership also gives you exclusive open gym access to the Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance gym.



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Dr. John Rusin

Creator of Pain Free Performance Training Certification

I can say hands down that you will not find a more talented, focused and driven group than the team over at Vigor. As dope as the building is, the trainers, staff and team really makes this facility stand out among all else I’ve taught at around the world.

Jim Tweet

If you’re serious about achieving incredible results and you stop convincing yourself that there are short cuts then go to Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance and change your life, the results are nothing short of spectacular if you are willing to dedicate yourself.

Jason Ferruggia

Legendary strength coach & Renegade Radio Podcast host

Luka Hocevar is one of the most knowledgeable fitness experts and gifted coaches on the planet. There aren’t enough good things I can say about him and his ability to transform people physically, mentally and emotionally. He works harder for and cares deeper about his clients than anyone I know. Personally, you couldn’t meet a better human being.

Matt Fields

Tampa Bay Rays

There is constant motivation, an unbelievable environment and training that is designed specifically for your goals. If you’re an athlete looking to get an edge over the competition and stand out from the rest I highly recommend Vigor Ground.

Eric Cressey

New York Yankees Head Performance Coach & Owner Cressey Sports Performance

Luka Hocevar is one of the most educated, hard-working guys you’ll meet in the fitness industry – and that passion and skill set is heavily reflected in the great training experiences provided at Vigor Ground. Luka and his team have been great resources to me for years; I give them my highest recommendation.

Chattin Hill

LA Lakers Strength Coach

The atmosphere he has created at Vigor Ground brings out the best in people and will push you towards your goals unlike any other gym out there.

Amanda Stuart

Luka is an amazing inspiration in my life and has helped me in so many areas improving myself physically and mentally.

Dennis Williams Jr.

Because of Vigor Ground I now feel better than I ever have, pain free, and able to perform anything.

Setema Gali Jr.

Super Bowl Champion & Creator and Founder of MANWEALTH

If you want to be good, work with someone else. If you want to get right, and be your absolute best, work with Luka and Vigor.

Susan Thompson

I truly appreciate your joy in my success! I would like to give Luka & his staff a big thank you for all their help in my current progress toward my goal of losing 69 pounds.


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