EP 156: Lessons From Building An 8-Figure Nutrition Coaching Business and Coaching 10’000’s Of Client’s w/ Mike Doehla

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11 Jan 2022
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Vigor Life Podcast · EP 156: Lessons From Building An 8-Figure Nutrition & Coaching Business w/ Mike Doehla

I was really looking to this conversation with Mike Doehla, both from a standpoint of getting insight of what type of nutrition approach has worked of the 10k’s of clients Stronger U has helped but then also how Mike built up a powerhouse online nutrition coaching company to an 8-figure business without much marketing spend, and the behind the scenes look of the growth and obstacles along the way.Mike Doehla Founder/CEO of Stronger U Nutrition created an online nutrition coaching company that helps tens of thousands of individuals in more than 50 countries. His personal mission is to help people have a more enjoyable life and he loves being able to improve the way the world eats. Mike enjoys travel, fitness, entrepreneurship, and good food. He resides in New Windsor NY with his wife Crista and his cat.

  • How Mike went from working a job he hated to pursuing something he enjoyed and “accidentally” having it blow up.
  • The methods that help you lose fat are not the same than the methods that help you keep it off.
  • Why “planners” have the greatest success when it comes to losing weight sustainably.
  • Discover who your teammates are when it comes to your body transformation, this is critical.
  • Too many food rules lead to an unsuccessful long term transformation, every time.
  • What are best way to help clients that have failed before instill sustainable habits and have patience.
  • Why people are intimidated by fitness apps and what is a better approach to help clients succeed.
  • Mike & I break down examples of how to create a habit that a client can successful do and build up their confidence.
  • How Mike was lunatic about response times and created an amazing customer experience.
  • The basic structure Stronger U used to build up to 10’s of thousands of clients.
  • Why creating too many boundaries in your coaching could be negatively affecting your success.
  • The step-by-step process Mike used to created the most engaged nutrition community online.
  • Growing the coaching team from the inside out with clients that have had success and understood peoples struggles.
  • How lack of certain systems and more autonomy was the reason Stronger U could grow at the speed it did.
  • What Mike spent more time, money and attention on than paid marketing and how it affected the company.
  • Hiring the right people, customer service standards, nutrition philosophy, and caring about your clients; the key factors in success of any coaching business.
  • Why being desperate is THE best way to repel sales and growth.
  • DON’T rush to build an app for your company, here’s what you need to do first!
  • The powerful steps that Mike took to initially market his business and grow it fast (most people don’t do this anymore!).
  • How this one simple strategy can help you get leads and clients every day, starting today.
  • How Mike was able to handle 350 nutrition coaching clients by himself at the peak.
  • The structure of pay and growth for Stronger U coaching clients (and how the company was built up to 80 coaches).
  • What Mike believes about balance when it comes to building up your career and your business.

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