EP 170: How To Build Healthy Strong Tendons For Life, & Recover From Tendon Injuries w/ Jake Tuura

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

I’ve followed Jake Tuura for a while as he shares great information on everything tendons, and was able to finally connect in person as we both spoke at Mike Boyle’s Spring Seminar, then had to bring him out on the podcast as his presentation at Mike’s was excellent. We talked about, well, everything tendons! This is a must listen for every person that wants to keep healthy and strong tendons for life, especially coaches that can help their clients do that.

Jake Tuura, MS, CSCS is a collegiate strength and conditioning coach.  He currently works at Youngstown State University.  Prior to YSU, Jake was an assistant S&C coach at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Superior (2014) and his Masters from The College of St. Scholastica (2015). His website: jackedathlete.com helps athletes gain copious amounts of muscle, hit PRs in the weight room, and improve athletic performance.


=> What started Jake’s fascination with tendons.

=> One of THE worst things you can do for tendon issues - rest!

=> Why most tendon issues are misdiagnosed for by doctors or even physical therapists.

=> How Jake finally overcame jumper’s knee after many years of issues and pain.

=> If you don’t have tendon issues you don’t have to care about tendon training, Jake explains in depth.

=> The two biggest reasons you will run into tendon issues and how to address them.

=> What aging will do to a tendon and why you must strength train and do plyometrics as you age.

=> Strong muscles help tendons, weak muscles lead to “beat up tendons.”

=> The reason younger athletes run into tendon issues and how AAU is crushing the young athlete’s body.

=> The difference between acute and chronic tendon issues and how to approach the rehab of each one.

=> Why strength training when you have tendon issues may be the FIRST thing you have to do.

=> The exact breakdown of how to get back from a chronic tendon issue/injury.

=> How you know whether training is helping or hurting your tendon recovery (most people have no idea about this!).

=> The “weekend warrior” protocol to make sure you can perform at your best and keep your tendons healthy.

=> How lifestyle affects your tendons and why you should pay attention to your nutrition and your sleep/recovery.

=> Why being “fit” is not the same as being “basketball fit” and how you must approach getting ready for ball.

=> Why Jake believes that super heavy calf raises are going to be used more and more to prevent achilles issues.

=> How blood pressure and metabolic factors can affect the health of the tendon.

=> Why mobility matters when it comes to tendon health and why you must maintain it (also why people that don’t, have problems).

=> Does PRP or stem cells work when it comes improving the healing and rehab of the tendon.

=> Why you can have similar outputs in your 40’s but you’ll have to __________.

=> Jake breaks down the exact rehab process of clients that have had knee tendon and achilles tendon issues.

=> The power of isometrics and why you’d do it every day when you have tendon issues.


Jake Tuura website  www.JackedAthlete.com

Jake Turra Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jaketuura/

Luka’s Courses and Workshops  www.LukaHocevar.com

Vigor Life Podcast on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/0gp1uXtwfRUcBkfS1P1uim?si=kcUu2vhPRwuxdV5kTzQrug

Luka Hocevar YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ29YcBh-g6onRujX3wD_XA?view_as=subscriber

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