EP 172: Program Design To Be Fit, Strong, Lean & Pain Free In Your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s w/ Jason Brown

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11 Jan 2022
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Whenever Jason Brown and I get together we could go on for hours about training, programming, coaching, and this time it was no different. We dive into the differences in training when 30, 40, and 50 and we break down principles as well as more specific strategies and give examples for clients training only 2 a week as well as 3 or 4x a week. We go over coaching mistakes, how much cardio you need, and much more.

Jason has spent his entire 15+ year career training everyday athletes to become healthier, stronger, and better conditioned, using a combination of strength development methods & aerobic systems conditioning methods.

He’s been exclusively online coaching since 2015. He’s a combat veteran, a former gym owner, founder of Jason Brown Coaching & Box Programming, and a published author of “Lower-body Training” via Human Kinetics. He has had the ability to introduce CrossFit gyms all over the world to his training methods via his first online business Box Programming. At one point, more than 100,000 people a day were using his programming.

He’s written hundreds if not thousands of articles for his own website, T-Nation, and EliteFTS specifically about programming. His training systems were developed from a decade+ experience in the trenches training himself and other individuals, and through using these methods at CrossFit gyms all over the world.


=> How goals change over the decades when it comes to what clients want to achieve and how programming should reflect that.

=> How kids can change the focus of importance in fitness as well as in your constraints in training (mostly time and/or equipment).

=> How Jason improved his Crossfit performance by strength training less and increasing his conditioning.

=> What Jason would prioritize in any program from 30+ (this is a weak link for most).

=> Why conditioning is misunderstood and how it can improve EVERY aspect of performance.

=> Cardio will NOT make you slower and or crush your “gains” (and how I put on muscle, improved strength and power when doing a lot cardio).

=> The 3 buckets I categorize clients in and how it changes throughout the decades (this is important to understand).

=> Why people with a higher training age do better with 3 full body workout sessions a week.

=> Jason breaks down when high intensity/lower volume make sense and why people 30+ mess up their programs and don’t get results.

=> The big question whether you should be sore after sessions, and if so, when.

=> How to discovering whether you have too much frequency and volume in your training, how to adjust it, and skyrocket your results.

=> Why consistent strength training is like an insurance policy and allows you to train less later (while still maintaining results).

=> The 2 and 2 template for strength and conditioning when you have a lot of stress in your life.

=> Why Jason does’t like using bands or chains anymore and what he focuses more on.

=> Why keeping things uniform in your training programs is important for the client (and no one has time to watch demo videos for 20 mins).

=> Why some of my personal program phases last 6-8 weeks (of the same training) and I get great results from this approach.

=> Jason’s thoughts on isometric training and where I like to use ISO’s.

=> Why most “influencer” programs will break you (as they don’t understand the human body or have experience training clients).

=> Why maximal effort straight barbell lifting is a NO GO in your 40’s and 50’s; Jason explains.

=> Insight and strategies for more joint friendly training from our training and our clients training programs.

=> My 2-1-0 model of leaving reps in the tank and Jason’s thoughts of training to failure.  

=> Our thoughts on de-load training and my breakdown of when de-loads make sense and when they don’t (and what a de-load even means).

=> Why we love kettlebell training and how we use them for strength and for conditioning.


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