EP 174: The 10 Rules Of Building An Athletic Body After The Age Of 35 (How To Look, Feel & Perform Like An Athlete)

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11 Jan 2022
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I created a carousel post with my 10 rules of building an athletic body after the age of 35 and it got a lot of interest and comments and while I feel it was a good post, as always, its hard to include a lot of context and insight with 8-9 slides and little text. I wanted to elaborate on the rules by going a little deeper with a podcast episode and give some more insight to my thoughts so you can implement these rules into your own training,  lifestyle and recovery.


=> Why you have to get absolutely and relatively strong and where most people go wrong with this (that many times leads to injuries).

=> The reason there is NO mandatory exercises and how I’ve got clients very strong when they told me they could’t “lift heavy.”

=> Why you must do sprints, jumps, throws and plyometrics at any age (and how to adjust it for any client).

=> When I use contrast pairings in a program and when I do speed, plyometric and power exercises stand alone.

=> When mobility training goes from something that’s good to do, to something that is mandatory - but only if you want to keep healthy joints.

=> Why you should work up to sprinting every week and the reason that will keep you younger longer (as well as regressions for clients that can’t do it yet).

=> The benefit of lifting pretty heavy and light weights fast and how it can improve performance, athletic ability, and help you recover faster and save your joints.

=> The secrets to recovering better and faster after the age of 35 (you can’t do the same thing you used to do and “push through” to better results).

=> What does “managing stress” really mean and how to improve your results with my “bathtub analogy.”

=> What does nutrition to fuel your training, help you recover, as well as improve performance look like.

=> Don’t stop training when you’re injured, how to train around injuries and not through them (and an insight on how to have big gains when you get injured).

=> How to build your cardio engine for sports or be prepared for any athletic activity.

=> The reason you should play sports and if not, how to adjust your training to prepare you for any sports performance (whether it’s playing with your kids or going to play a pick up game of basketball).

=> Avoid this weekend warrior mistake that leads to injuries and do what I recommend instead.


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