EP171: Tired vs Better, Eliminating Nutritional Deficiencies, Mechanical Drop Sets , & Should You Train To Failure Q & A

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

I dive into more of the last couple weeks questions and topics that you inquired about, diving into some deeper than others but giving you applicable advice from the real world, whether its training, nutrition, coaching or building a fitness business. Check out this weeks topics below.  


=> The difference between training to get tired vs training to get better.

=> The biggest mistake people make when it comes to their training and why it lacks the results they want.

=> The simple way to eliminate nutrition deficiencies in your daily meals.

=> The key supplements that actually make sense to take to help your deficiencies (and not the hyped up sups to take your money).

=> My “A,B,C method” to help clients eat the foods they love while achieving their goals.

=> Nutritional displacement and how you can use it in your favor to eat less, get more nutrients and a leaner, healthier body.

=> Mechanical drop sets, why they’re effective in building muscle especially when you’re shorter on time.

=> 5 different methods of mechanical drop sets I like to use in my clients training, with examples.

=> Is training to failure more effective than training close to failure; what the research shows and wisdom says.

=> My “2,1,0” system when it comes to training to failure in sets.

=> How to develop your team up to coaching standards that you desire.

=> How to run a successful challenge at your gym, simple breakdown and tips.


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